GIsHWheS 2015

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen – a selection of Team SuperJamWolves’ items for the this year’s hunt!

Item 11: VIDEO. Have at least 5 police officers with connected hands do a repeating breakdance wave in a ring and set it to a breakin’ beat.

Item 27: VIDEO. (Video may be up to 20 seconds.) Everyone likes drive-thrus and “Jeopardy.” Combine them by going through a drive thru and making the employee guess your order by describing the items to them with the “answer.”

Item 37: VIDEO. It’s another boring trapeze teleconference. Business attire required.

Item 47: VIDEO. Stop hiding your true talent. The world deserves to see it. Without using special effects or trick editing, make a person disappear.

Item 49: VIDEO. It’s time to get some fresh air. Take your (at least) 3 pet robots out for a walk. You, of course, should be wearing your homemade Robot Leader Helmet.

Item 55: VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 10 seconds.) Dressed in something celebratory, hug someone you love, motionless, in a very crowded location. You must hug them for 20 minutes without moving and time lapse it. Add your favorite score to the video.

Item 68: VIDEO. Perform this EXACT choreography wearing similar wardrobe as the man depicted here but with one of your pant-legs tucked into your sock: – Do your dance while a dog watches you.

Item 101: VIDEO. Like most citizens of the world, you probably plan to run for president/prime minister/king. Create a political ad for your campaign announcing your candidacy. Like any good candidate, you should always try to get a celebrity endorsement.

Item 136: VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. Use recycled computer or cell phone parts to create a video-game inspired diorama.

Item 171: VIDEO. BOBAK FERDOWSI ITEM. Space exploration has a history of music; from the early days of human space flight to our most recent rovers on Mars and missions to Pluto, flight controllers play a wake up song to signify the start of the day. If you had to write a space theme, what would it be? Parody or original music allowed. Bonus points if you record the song. Super bonus points if you make a music video.

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