GIsHWheS 2015

In my never ending quest to bring weirdness to the world, I have once again signed up for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. And let me tell you. It was pretty great. Last year I signed up with a group that was an unofficial offshoot of the VidCon Lonewolves, so we called ourselves the GISHWHES Lonewolves (this was before the new capitalization commandment, forgive me, Misha). This year we had a few returning members, but not enough for a whole team, so we were grouped with some incredible ladies from all over the USA. And so, Team SuperJamWolves was born. And Team SuperJamWolves was amazing this year. I was continually impressed by the dedication of these ladies (and gentleman) and how much wacky weirdness was created in just one week. I’ve put a gallery of some of my team’s items over in the photos tab, which is a bit of a lie because there are also videos. Ah well. You can see that gallery by clicking here..

My friends and family do not understand why I am so obsessed with GIsHWheS, but they put up with the weirdness anyway, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Mom, thanks for taking all those pictures. Daniel, thanks for putting up with my shenanigans, when we could have spent that time playing the Firefly board game instead. Thanks to Susan and Gary for not asking too many questions about all the kale I kept in your fridge. Thanks to Andrea for being down to don a beard and shepherd’s clothes and walk me into Target dressed as a pregnant Mary. Thank you to the Marriott hotel that let me in with my ballgown and kale hat. And a big thanks to Misha and the GIsHWheS team that made this all possible!

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